About Investlands

Investlands is a real estate promoter and firm specialised in Land and Properties. We offer you many different properties and the option to have land.


Personal Service

Investlands is a one stop shop for your investment in South BRAZIL. We will accompany you all along your search. We will also be there to help you manage and create your legal structure and obtain all necessary permits and licenses to endure that your investment is 100% compliant with Brazilian law

Why Invest in Brazil?

REAL ESTATE The dynamics of the real estate market are ever-changing, and Investlands has an even more unique real estate market than average. We provide top quality, customized service to make sure your specific needs are met.  INVESTMENTS We understand that your time, your money, and your investments are all valuable. For this reason, we have created an investment program that will increase your Return-On-Investment. Investing in nature and seeing it grow, even slowly, is a very rewarding approach both in financial terms and in terms of biodiversity Brazil hav the Unique Biodiversity.

We are here to make the most out of your investment in Brazil.